Service and Repair

You can either bring your scooter or power chair to us or we will arrange for a home visit if necessary, (home visits will involve a nominal fee).

We will diagnose the problem with your scooter or power chair and explain to you what is needed to get it back in working order.

If we do come to your home, we will attempt to fix the problem with your scooter or power chair but, for some repairs it may be necessary to take it back to our shop for further diagnosis.

For any repair that is needed and how much it costs will be explained to you before any work is completed and we will keep you informed of the progress. Once the work on your scooter or power chair is completed it will be cleaned and ready for pick up or delivery.

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My scooter wont move!
Click here to see our quick check trouble shooting advice

Battery information
Click here for general information regarding SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries

* Please note that some Parts could take 4 to 5 days for delivery depending on availability.