General Battery Care & Information

How long will my batteries last?

Battery manufactures only give sealed lead acid batteries a six month warranty, however proper charging, (after every usage of your mobility scooter) will determine how long they will last.

What brand of battery is best?

We supply the best batteries at the best prices and we keep all batteries in stock, but if by chance we happen to sell out we will get them same day or within two days.

Can I change just one battery?

It is highly recommended to replace your batteries in pairs for the best results.

Can I change the batteries myself?

Most mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs have battery cases that are fastened with screws that require a special tool and know how to remove. It is recommended to bring them to us and save yourself the trouble (since it is free of charge here at Southern Nevada Scooters).

Can I over charge my batteries?

Do not exceed 14 hours of charge time. fully charge your scooter before you want to use it.

In some cases people have tried charging dead or week batteries which cause them to swell and leak out. This can cause serious damage to the scooter and battery case, it can also cause the charger to fail. In the worst cases the charger can over heat and cause a fire risk.